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GNM India recently completed building a new widows home and the widows being cared for have now moved from their rented building to their new Nightingale Home for Widows in the Nunna Village.  


Most of the people supported through GNM live in village areas in very poor housing which do not have a toilet. In recent times, as reported in the national news, women and young girls have been attacked, raped and in some cases murdered when having to go into fields and wooded areas due to lack of toilets and this is of great concern to most Indian families and also to GNM.


To help keep women and young girls live more safely, a project has been launched by GNM to help build toilets were there are at least 3 females in a household. In 2014 funding has been provided to help build two of these toilet facilities. They are constructed of brick with a thatched roof, a lockable steel door and the aim of this project is to provide much needed safety and security for the women and young girls of these families.


If you would like to know more about Good News Ministry (GNM) and about sponsorship or if you would like us to come to your Church, School or Community Group to tell you more about GNM please contact Eric and Ann Reeve at [email protected]

Good News Ministries - India by Eric and Ann Reeve

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Oxford Road are delighted to be able to support Good News Ministries in India.  


GNM South India was founded in 1988 by Chanti and Lily. Since then GNM has grown to 50 churches, many of which are newly planted with 35 pastors/evangelists looking after the congregations. GNM owns 2.5 acres of land on the outskirts of Nunna Village. Plans are to construct homes for boys and girls, a church and accommodation for the staff of GNM. They also own about 1.5 acres of land at C Gudipadu and funds to sink a Bore Well were donated last year.  The bore well is now in operation providing much needed cleaner water.


We journeyed again to GNM India in January of 2014. We had intended spending a month in India but due to medical problems had to return earlier than expected. However during our visit we had the privilege in helping to make a difference in many people’s lives through the generosity of gifts given by supporters of GNM in this area and from our home Church ORBC. We met a young boy named Lokesh age 12.


An orphan along with his brother. He has now started school and is being sponsored enabling him to continue with his education. We have through a donor been able to help Pranitha a girl about 12 years of age with Speech Therapy treatment. She is being cared for by her Grandmother having some brain damage from birth and has speech difficulties. She is making good progress . A young man, called Srikanth, who through his Fathers serious illness had to give up University studies after one year, has been enrolled back into University from June 2014 on a 2 year Computer Management Course.

Due to a generous donor he was also provided with a new computer and initially a bicycle, but a 2nd hand scooter/motor bike will be provided, again through the generosity of the same donor. As his Father is still unable to work, funding has also been provided to meet the family’s needs for food, clothing and accommodation. Also between January and April 2014, 6 village communities/GNM church members were given a rice distribution.  


GNM has two orphanages, Christ Children’s Home for Girls and Boys (CCH) and a new home called Sharon Grace Children’s Home (SGCH), all the homes are in Nunna Village. Chanti and Lily with other members of staff look after the CCH homes and are responsible in obtaining sponsors for the children. Keith who is Chanti and Lily’s eldest son is responsible for overseeing the new SGCH along with a matron and other staff members and he is responsible for securing sponsorship for each child.


GNM also provide care for other children living in the village areas who come under the care of the local Pastor. It costs a minimum of £15 per month for a child in one of the children’s homes or for a child under Pastors care. This provides them with education, shelter, food, clothing and any medical needs.

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